Ælfric's Lives of Saints

Toward a New Edition

Kalamazoo 2013 CFP: Editing Ælfric: Problems, solutions, and ideas for a new Lives of Saints (roundtable)

Most scholars who work with Ælfric’s Lives of Saints agree that it is time for a new scholarly edition. The current one, edited by W.W. Skeat, is inadequate for a number of reasons. At our session at ICMS 2012, a number of scholars expressed interest in having a new edition that was based on modern editing standards and made use of contemporary tools. It is clear that such an edition will be a collaborative effort. in that vein, this session will bring together interested parties to present concrete problems, solutions, and ideas with regard to editing and building a new Lives of Saints.

Please send abstracts of no more than 200 words describing your proposed involvement in this roundtable to Grant Simpson (glsimpso@indiana.edu). Keep in mind that we’d like it to be a working session in the sense that we’d like to get to the bottom of what needs to be done and how we should go about accomplishing it.

Report from Kalamazoo 2012

We held a session (254) at the 47th International Congress on Medieval Studies titled, “Editing Old English: Ælfric’s Lives of Saints.” The papers were:

  • Grant Leyton Simpson, “Toward a Plan for a New Edition of Ælfric’s Lives of Saints”
  • Murray McGillivray, “Editing the Lives of Saints for the Online Corpus of Old English Poetry: Conundrums and Difficulties”
  • Derek Updegraff, “Editing Ælfric’s Alliterative Lives Using a-verse/b-verse Lineation”

The session was well attended. We left ample time for discussing the project after the papers and the discussion turned out to be quite lively. The consensus among the audience seems to be that a new edition is sorely needed and that the best course of action is to spend the next year working on ideas for its form and implementation.